News zh-cn Rss Generator By sdcms3.3 biz 8-23-7-747-82 300MM GRAPHITE ELECTRODE FOR LF Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: ouzheng

Model Number: OZ2843

Type: Electrode Block

Application: used in EAFor LF, EAF/LF

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In our stock we would like to offer you wide selection of graphite and products from it. It’s very hard to find a person in this world who doesn’t know what graphite is. Everyone who is using pencil can find graphite inside. Graphite used in many industries, even in technology. Metallurgist widely using graphite as well, from graphite they usually (mixed with clay) produce crucibles for melting metal.

From graphite, industrial workers usually cover the surface of the mold in order to prevent casting metal penetration of molded land, only for this purpose more than total consumption of graphite used. Also, graphite widely used in electrical materials: electrodes depolarizers’ galvanic cells, arc carbons projectors and movie cameras, but here only used graphite with high electrical conductivity.