Company Profile

EDS CARBON CO., Ltd was founded in 1973 as a manufacturing company. With over 40 years of experience, we became professionals in manufacturing and machining graphite. We are offering you our products, you offering us your price. EDS Graphite has already successfully operating inside the China and in 4 continents of the world, Europe, Asia, Australia and America.

EDS graphite has a team of 100 people with professional graphite manufacturing skills needed to meet the varied and exacting requirement of each customer. We have been providing with our products since 1973, our goal is to meet your satisfaction with our quality and price.

Our products are used in:

l  Defense industry

l  Transportation and aerospace industry

l  Industrial heat treating, Sintering and hot pressing.

l  Glass and ceramic industry

l  Solar photovoltaic cells

l  Medical industry

l  Sapphire and crystal growth suppliers

Your satisfaction guaranteed, because our performance has already been proven by 4 continents in the world.